Call us to learn more about our special offers and package deals 3D   implant   planning   is   restorative-driven   with   virtual   visualization   of   the   bone,   soft   tissue,   and   adjacent   and opposing   teeth.   Plans   based   solely   on   osseous   anatomy   can   lead   to   compromised   implant   positions.   Therefore,   a comprehensive    data    set    including    bone,    soft    tissue,    and    adjacent    and    opposing    teeth    is    imported    into    the planning software.
What are Surgical Guides   It   is   a   device   made   from   a   model   of the   patient's   mouth   that   fits   over   the area   where   dental   implants   are   to   be placed.          It     helps     guide     the     oral surgeon   in   the   correct   placement   of implants   as   the   guide   contains   holes that are pre-drilled.
What are the benefits of surgical guides? Accuracy Predictability Elimination of guesswork Safety reasons Ease of placement
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